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Senija Selimovic-Hamza, Phd

Dr Senija Selimovic-Hamza is a scientist, highly specialized in genomics and biomedicine – but also a biohacker, a certified epigenetics and micro nutrition coach, a project manager, entrepreneur and board member of the Swiss Epigenetics Network. With a bachelor thesis in epigenetics and bioinformatics, a master thesis in psychoepigentics as well as a PhD thesis in biomedical sciences, Dr Selimovic-Hamza is among the most profoundly educated epigenetic biohackers worldwide. She is a peer-reviewed author of several scientific publications, a speaker at worldwide and international scientific conferences and has received awards for her outstanding scientific work. Her commitment to research combined with an authentic passion for nature and biohacking are her unique coaching fingerprint. 


You own your power

Born in pre-war Yugoslavia, now Bosnia and Hercegovina, Dr Selimovic-Hamza has experienced the impact of war on her own epigenome and has put herself on a mission to fight against negative environmental and social impact on the epigenome like no other. Her Bosnian roots and foreign education and experience have made her a scientist and coach who knows empathy and resilience, but demonstrates at the same time that we can overcome much more than we dare to dream of. Dr Selimovic-Hamza is a role model in authentic inner strength, both inside ourselves as well as in communities of clients.

„You are not your genes.“

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