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We support health enthusiasts in making the most of their genes by achieving health and fitness goals with ease, without contradictory information and confusion, science based. 

are you ready to meet your true self? 

You are sick and tired of browsing social media for health tips and of googling experts who present contradictory information and enhance nothing but your misery. You know you need to do something, you know you are not at your peak performance – but you have tried everything and nothing has worked. You have spent a fortune on supplements that did nothing. You may already have health issues that you were told were here to stay forever. You may have a family history of chronic disease. You feel your genes are playing games with you but you feel helpless.

You want more. More life. More energy. More freedom. More power over yourself. You want to be the one who rules over head and body. You want confidence. You want laughter. You want to step away from the roles that were written for you by others and rewrite your own life.

All of this happens naturally to each of us at some point. It happened to me before I found my true self. Now I know the road. Are you ready for the journey? 

How would your life change if you had the tools to level up?

Change is possible. Shift happens. Enhancing your wellbeing has never been easier. Epigenetics and biohacking offer solutions to guiding your genes into a better tomorrow. With simple, easy routines you can achieve a state of more energy, less toxicity and gain more control over your future. Your genes do not dictate your life.  

What can you expect?

1:1 coachings

Group coachings and a members platform

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Multilingual: German / English / Bosnian / Croatian 

How to evolve

The only way to be your most authentic self is to be healthy, inside out.  


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 Understand the basics of biohacking and epigenetics and translate high-end science into daily routines that help you optimize your health. Enjoy masterclasses, handbooks, an enthusiastic group of like-minded people and much more!

Work with me 1:1

Become a biohacker by deep-diving into what blocks you from being the healthiest version of yourself. Get a personalized roadmap and a coach who cheers on you while providing you with the tools to evolve!

work with me 1:1 intense

Upgrade your experience with your cutting-edge DNA tests to target your weakest points and turn them into your protective shield. Have the most unique VIP-coaching, science based, fully tailored to your needs.

Not My genes members area: Mindful epigenetic eating  

The Not My Genes Members Area is a place that enables the learning of practically relevant topics from epigenetics and biohacking, but also a place where health enthusiasts have a safe space to grow further. In a group-coaching setting you will experience a transformation of your eating habits in a 6-months program, dummy-proof, zero know-how required!  

Food and water are non-negotiable essentials in life. Learn how epinutrition works and how it can help you enhance your life quality and health. (FYI: The current cohort is a Balkan community – we communicate in our mother language. This program is not for you if you do not speak Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian). 

Officially booked out. Next cohort starting in Sept 2024.


Work with me 1:1 

You want to treat yourself better and you finally need clear guidance? 

Book your 6 months transformational coaching and watch yourself change.

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This program has helped me improve my health. Even though I am a healthcare worker and thought I knew a lot, the genetic testing and interpretation of results have given me an explanation for year-long symptoms no other expert could solve. Dr Selimovic is above all a great human being, an enthusiast and an expert of inestimable value. 


I feel like reborn after the DNA testing and program!

I felt awful before, even though I have tried so much – but here’s the thing: I didn’t know what I was trying to solve. Since I know how to solve my problems I am literally a completely new person.   


This has been a transformation for me and my husband! Especially during my postpartum Senija’s professionalism has been the key element on the road to my  recovery. The program is a mindset switch! Little changes in our everyday have brought an immesurable change in total. I cannot imagine a better leader than Senija to show you the way to becoming the healthiest version of yourself. 


I cannot even begin to explain how much this has helped me to get out of such a dark phase in my life!



All praise for the expertise and professionalism of Senija, the best epigenetics coach in the Balkans, without competition! 


My husband and I were both participants. Senija has helped us through our most difficult times and was our guide towards finding ourselves again. Each bit of trust that we have put into this has made us better, happier, more satisfied and healthier people. This is worth pure gold!